Gepubliceerd op 18 januari 2018

UPO and Annual Statement for pensioners coming soon

Are you receiving a pension benefit from us? Then you will receive two overviews on paper from us at the beginning of each year. In January you will receive your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) for pensioners 2018. At the beginning of February you will receive your Annual Statement 2017. Your UPO gives you an insight into your pension and the Annual Statement is needed for your tax return.

UPO: an insight into your pension

Your UPO will give you an insight into the pension you received from us in 2017 and the pension you will receive in 2018. Both the gross and the net pension is displayed for 2018. You may also see what any partner and/or children might receive when you pass away.

You need your Annual Statement for your tax return
Your Annual Statement displays how much pension you received in 2017 from us and how much wage tax and national insurance premiums were deducted. This information is needed for your tax return 2017. You can do your tax return starting from 1 March 2018. You can also use this information to request care- or rent allowance.